Meet Courtney
  • Hi, and welcome to my kitchen.
    Hi, and welcome to my kitchen.

I am a wife, mom and home cook. I started this blog in 2008 as a way to chronicle all the new recipes I was trying. Along the way, my husband Eric became interested in cooking and baking, and we’ve been unstoppable ever since. Our palettes have grown and expanded the same way our confidence in the kitchen has. Neither of us has any training, but we do have a lot of experience (along with the burns and occasional failures that come with it). No matter what we’re making, we always have fun doing it.

Three moves, two pets and two kids later, we still find our center in the kitchen. A lot has changed in our lives since the creation of this blog, but our love of food and cooking has only grown. We hope it will help us continue to learn and evolve in the kitchen and inspire you to spend time in the kitchen with the people you love.

And yes, our last name really is Champion.


My Food Philosophy

On this site, you will only find food that we’ve made in our home kitchen, with a focus on accessible recipes that take advantage of fresh, seasonal ingredients when possible. I love making food from scratch. This sometimes means things take a bit longer to come together, but we enjoy the process almost as much as we enjoy eating the results. Sometimes life gets the best of us, though, and we’re not ashamed to hit up Chipotle on the rare occasions we don’t feel up for cooking.

In terms of photography, what you see is what we eat. While I do minimally style my photos, I promise to never use non-food ingredients for the sake of a picture. I believe you should have a reasonable expectation to know what the finished product looks like, and I will never sacrifice that in order to make food appear more photogenic than it is. Let’s face it – some foods aren’t as pretty as others, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less delicious.